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Time to vote on Bot page format?

I don't know about you but I think it is time to finalize the info boxes for the Bot pages...we have two great info boxes to choose from:

Brod's and Nate's

What say you gizmonauters

Time to vote OR do you want more to choose from?

link to old forum topic:

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Ya Frosty...we are kinda waiting on Nate to set up a voting page (he has kinda been a busy bee IRL so not much time). I know Nate was hoping to see some other ideas, but it looks like we are just going with these two.


so in theory, i could send one in?


Absolutely 2442cc, even if you are still working on it, but to be honest it needs to be ready at the time of voting...but we would love to have some more choices!


I am setting a date for 1 week from today on Monday the 28th, I will have a voting page up.

During this week I will try to setup a forum with highlight to bring attention to the specific scope of the pending vote and a second forum to discuss exactly what should and should not be displayed on individual bot pages (IBPs).

Sounds good.
I vote nates
i Vote nate's

Phynix05 wrote: Not voting yet on final design--this was just to ask if this enough or do we want more choice.  Actual voting will happen in a different forum.


Nates has less clutter, so I vote for Nate. Brod is interesting but too cluttered. Reduce some of the graphic wrappers and you might have a winner. I think it would nice to see more designs.