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• 1/24/2013


I've just got this lucky edit achievem

ent for making the 3000th edit :)

Just wondering what other hidden achievements are there, and what are they?

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• 3/22/2013

I guess we would never know till we get them. I got a budge "Lucky Edit"(Awarded for making the Lucky 5,000th Edit on the Wikia! ) on my first day here! Lol

• 3/22/2013

Oh thanks for your reply, but Ive figured out already :) FYI

Lucky Edit --> Awarded for making the Lucky 1,000th edit on the wiki! (every 1000th)

Caffeinated --> Awarded for making 100 edits on pages in a single day!

Pounce! --> Awarded for making edits on 100 pages within an hour of the page's creation!

Creator --> Awarded for creating the wiki!

• 3/27/2013

Good work !

• 4/8/2013

speaking of achievements.. if you dont have a builder bot on your outpost.. then evey time your tasks refresh you will be given the task to place a builder bot. it takes seconds and is very easy to gain money and XP... just thought you should know in case it hasnt been put out yet... it is better than having to deploy a nature, solar, or anything else really... hope this helps everyone out...

• 4/8/2013

Lol, when I sacrificed building and repair zones to make rooms for my Astros, a goal " breed or buy safety bot " immediately appeared and it is still there :-) never bought them back !

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