Large and tough, Builder Bots are adept at creating a variety of goods to sell in the intergalactic market. Their large appendages can make them rather clumsy though, so its probably best if they avoid making any crystal vases.

  • Available: Level 1
  • Incubation: 10 Seconds
  • Buy: 100 Robux
  • Sell: 50 Robux
  • Deploy Experience: 100

BuilderBotWrench   Wrench Standard
10 Crystals BuilderBotScrewdriver   Screwdriver +10% Robux
25 Crystals BuilderBotSaw   Saw Melee+
50 Crystals BuilderBotToyHammer   Toy Hammer
50 Crystals BuilderBotCandycane   Candycane Charge Speed+++

Limited: Christmas (unavailable)


  • This is your first bot when you start the game!
  • Although it is the first bot you get in the game, it has the most income and makes the most money out of any normal bots(except the astro bot).

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