Builder BotEdit

BuilderBotWrench   Wrench Standard
10 Crystals BuilderBotScrewdriver   Screwdriver +10% Robux
25 Crystals BuilderBotSaw   Saw Melee+
50 Crystals BuilderBotToyHammer   Toy Hammer
50 Crystals BuilderBotCandycane   Candycane Charge Speed+++

Limited: Christmas (unavailable)

Beat BotEdit

BeatBotLoFiSpeakers   LoFi Speakers Standard
10 Crystals BeatBotHighFidelityDrivers   High Fidelity Drivers +10% Robux
25 Crystals BeatBotSubwoofers   Subwoofers Ranged+
50 Crystals BeatBotFullRangeSpeakers   Full-range Speakers
50 Crystals BeatBotSpiderSpeakers   Spider Speakers Limited: Halloween (unavailable)

Carrier BotEdit

CarrierBotFogLamp   Fog Lamp Standard
10 Crystals CarrierBotNailGun   Nail Gun +10% Robux
25 Crystals CarrierBotRocketLauncher   Rocket Launcher Charge Damage+++
50 Crystals CarrierBotBubbleGumGun   Bubble Gum Gun
50 Crystals CarrierBotScaryGhost   Scary Ghost Limited: Halloween (unavailable)

Franken BotEdit

FrankenBotFrankenHair   Franken Hair Standard
10 Crystals FrankenBotFrankenBrain   Franken Brain Melee++
25 Crystals FrankenBotFrankenGoblin   Franken Goblin
50 Crystals FrankenBotFrankenGears   Franken Gears +10% Robux

Grav BotEdit

GravBotAntenna   Antenna Standard
10 Crystals GravBotSatelliteDish   Satellite Dish +10% Robux
25 Crystals GravBotGravityGun   Gravity Gun Pierce++, Charge Damage++
50 Crystals GravBotBunnyEars   Bunny Ears

Grinder BotEdit

GrinderBotGrindstone   Grindstone Standard
10 Crystals GrinderBotSaw   Saw +10% Robux
25 Crystals GrinderBotDisc   Disc Speed+++
50 Crystals GrinderBotShuriken   Shuriken
50 Crystals GrinderBotWreath   Wreath Limited: Christmas (unavailable)

Hammer BotEdit

HammerBotHammers   Hammers Standard
10 Crystals HammerBotDrumsticks   Drumsticks +10% Robux
25 Crystals HammerBotMaces   Maces Charge Damage++
50 Crystals HammerBotMaracas   Maracas
10 Crystals HammerBotBones   Bones Limited: Halloween (unavailable)

Magnet BotEdit

MagnetBotElectronMagnet   Electron Magnet Standard
10 Crystals MagnetBotTheClaw   The Claw +10% Robux
25 Crystals MagnetBotWeight   Weight Speed++
50 Crystals MagnetBotHorseshoeMagnet   Horseshoe Magnet
75 Crystals MagnetBotMistletoe   Mistletoe Limited: Christmas (unavailable)

Safety BotEdit

SafetyBotYieldSign   Yield Sign Standard
10 Crystals SafetyBotCone   Cone +10% Robux
25 Crystals SafetyBotStopSign   Stop Sign Speed+++
50 Crystals SafetyBotFlySwatter   Fly Swatter
50 Crystals SafetyBotShamrockSign   Shamrock Sign Limited: St. Patrick's Day (unavailable)

Welder BotEdit

WelderBotSpotWelder   Spot Welder Standard
10 Crystals WelderBotArcWelder   Arc Welder +10% Robux
25 Crystals WelderBotFlameThrower   Flame Thrower Health+++
50 Crystals WelderBotSmores   Smores


  • Builder Bots are some of the fastest Robux earning bots in the game. With the additional +Robux gizmos, this makes them earning Robux EVEN FASTER!

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