The inventor of the Floodlight Bot was afraid of the dark; the bot was his attempt at creating a night light that could follow him wherever he went. It worked, lighting up the sky brighter than the sun, and annoying his neighbors in the process! This new version isn't quite as powerful, but it should still keep the darkness at bay.

  • Available: Level 7
  • Breed/Incubation: 6 hours
  • Buy: 25 Crystals
  • Sell: 1,000 Robux
  • Deploy Experience: 1,000

FloodlightBotSpotlight   Spotlight Standard
10 Crystals FloodlightBotUtilityLight   Utility Light +10% Robux
25 Crystals FloodlightBotPowerLight   Power Light Charged Speed+++
50 Crystals FloodlightBotGiantBulb   Giant Bulb
25 Crystals FloodlightBotHolidayBulb   Holiday Bulb Limited: Christmas (unavailable)