Geo Bots are the foremost authority when it comes to locating useful materials for mining. Just tell these bots what to find, and they'll locate it before you can blink! They've even been known to find lost cats and dogs, but unfortunately they aren't so good at that whole rescuing thing.

  • Available: Level 16
  • Breed/Incubation: 14 hours
  • Buy: 250 Crystals
  • Sell: 250,000 Robux
  • Deploy Experience: 250,000

GeoBotPickAxe   Pick Axe Standard
10 Crystals GeoBotGeodePick   Geode Pick +10% Robux
25 Crystals GeoBotBattleAxe   Battle Axe Melee++
50 Crystals GeoBotLantern   Lantern

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