Halloween 2012Edit

7 limited gizmos were available in the Halloween 2012 update that lasted from October 26th, 2012 to November 12th, 2012. All of are only used for decoration as none of them give boosts of any kind.

Halloween 2012 Gizmos
50 Crystals BeatBotSpiderSpeakers   Spider Speakers Beat Bot
25 Crystals BotAnistSkull   Skull Bot-anist
50 Crystals CarrierBotScaryGhost   Scary Ghost Carrier Bot
10 Crystals HammerBotBones   Bones Hammer Bot
50 Crystals HarvesterBotTrickOrTreat   Trick or Treat Harvester Bot
25 Crystals PerformerBotDraculaCape   Dracula Cape Performer Bot
10 Crystals RockBotBatGuitar   Bat Guitar Rock Bot

Christmas 2012Edit

8 limited gizmos were available in the Christmas 2012 update that lasted from December 10th, 2012 to January 23rd, 2013. The Christmas 2012 update introduced the first limited gizmos that give boosts.

Christmas 2012 Gizmos
75 Crystals AloeBotFestiveTree   Festive Tree Aloe Bot
25 Crystals BouncerBotMittens   Mittens Bouncer Bot
50 Crystals BuilderBotCandycane   Candycane Builder Bot
25 Crystals FloodlightBotHolidayBulb   Holiday Bulb Floodlight Bot
50 Crystals GrinderBotWreath   Wreath Grinder Bot
75 Crystals MagnetBotMistletoe   Mistletoe Magnet Bot
25 Crystals ScienceBotSandaklozHat   Sandakloz Hat Science Bot
50 Crystals TrainerBotElfShoes   Elf Shoes Trainer Bot

St Patrick's Day 2013Edit

5 limited gizmos were available in the St Patrick's Day 2013 update that lasted from March 8th, 2013 to April 4th, 2013. Like the Halloween, 2012 update; all gizmos are for decoration and do not contribute to fights or income.

St Patrick's Day 2013 Gizmos
25 Crystals CaterpillarBotEmeraldDrill   Emerald Drill Caterpillar Bot
50 Crystals MiningBotGoldenDrill   Golden Drill Mining Bot
50 Crystals RepairBotRabbitsFoot   Rabbits Foot Repair Bot
50 Crystals SafetyBotShamrockSign   Shamrock Sign Safety Bot
50 Crystals SolarBotGoldenCauldron   Golden Cauldron Solar Bot