Nature BotEdit

NatureBotWaterCan   Water Can Standard
10 Crystals NatureBotFertilizerGun   Fertilizer Gun +10% Robux
25 Crystals NatureBotWaterCannon   Water Cannon Melee+, Ranged++
50 Crystals NatureBotBubbleGun   Bubble Gun

Aloe BotEdit

AloeBotAloePlant   Aloe Plant Standard
10 Crystals AloeBotPrettyFlower   Pretty Flower +10% Robux
25 Crystals AloeBotFirePlant   Fire Plant Speed+, Ranged+++
50 Crystals AloeBotIcePlant   Ice Plant
75 Crystals AloeBotFestiveTree   Festive Tree +10% Robux

Limited: Christmas (unavailable)


BotAnistPlant   Plant Standard
10 Crystals BotAnistBeaker   Beaker +10% Robux
50 Crystals BotAnistCarnivorousPlant   Carnivorous Plant Speed++
50 Crystals BotAnistMister   Mister
25 Crystals BotAnistSkull   Skull Limited: Halloween (unavailable)

Caterpillar BotEdit

CaterpillarBotDrill   Drill Standard
10 Crystals CaterpillarBotFlower   Flower +10% Robux
25 Crystals CaterpillarBotStinger   Stinger Ranged+++
25 Crystals CaterpillarBotEmeraldDrill   Emerald Drill Limited: St. Patrick's Day (unavailable)
50 Crystals CaterpillarBotCarrot   Carrot

Flower BotEdit

FlowerBotFlower   Flower Standard
10 Crystals FlowerBotRose   Rose +10% Robux
25 Crystals FlowerBotBrassCactus   Brass Cactus Charge Speed+++
50 Crystals FlowerBotFireFlower   Fire Flower

Harvester BotEdit

HarvesterBotStinger   Stinger Standard
10 Crystals HarvesterBotScoop   Scoop +10% Robux
25 Crystals HarvesterBotScythe   Scythe Charge Speed+++
50 Crystals HarvesterBotBell   Bell
50 Crystals HarvesterBotTrickOrTreat   Trick or Treat Limited: Halloween (unavailable)

Luck BotEdit

LuckBotGoldCauldron   Gold Cauldron Standard
10 Crystals LuckBotFourLeafClover   Four Leaf Clover
25 Crystals LuckBotPotOGold   Pot O' Gold +10% Robux
50 Crystals LuckBotLuckyHorseshoe   Lucky Horseshoe Speed++

Mole BotEdit

MoleBotDigger   Digger Standard
10 Crystals MoleBotAuger   Auger +10% Robux
25 Crystals MoleBotCheeseGrater   Cheese Grater Speed++, Melee++
50 Crystals MoleBotRotisserieChicken   Rotisserie Chicken

Solar BotEdit

SolarBotSolarPanel   Solar Panel Standard
10 Crystals SolarBotSolarCollector   Solar Collector +10% Robux
25 Crystals SolarBotSolarReflector   Solar Reflector Speed+++, Charge Speed+++
50 Crystals SolarBotSunHat   Sun Hat
50 Crystals SolarBotGoldenCauldron   Golden Cauldron Limited: St. Patrick's Day (unavailable)

Spray BotEdit

SprayBotSprayPaint   Spray Paint Standard
10 Crystals SprayBotFertilizer   Fertilizer +10% Robux
25 Crystals SprayBotPoison   Poison Speed+, Pierce++
50 Crystals SprayBotPowerWash   Power Wash

Yeti BotEdit

YetiBotWheelGuard   Wheel Guard Standard
10 Crystals YetiBotSnowPlow   Snow Plow Charge Damage+++, Pierce++
25 Crystals YetiBotStraightPipes   Straight Pipes
50 Crystals YetiBotTurboSkis   Turbo Skis +10% Robux

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