The Nuclear Bot has many cooling units to prevent it from overheating. Unfortunately they don't seem to do much for its personality. Be careful not to make this bot angry or it may EXPLODE!

  • Available: Level 16
  • Breed/Incubation: 48 hours
  • Buy: 2,500 Crystals
  • Sell: 250,000 Robux
  • Deploy: 250,000 Experience

NuclearBotYellowTanks   Yellow Tanks Standard
10 Crystals NuclearBotGreenTanks   Green Tanks +10% Robux
50 Crystals NuclearBotPinkSilo   Pink Silo
75 Crystals NuclearBotMissiles   Missiles Ranged+++, Health++

Breeding RuleEdit

The Nuclear Bot can be bred by selecting a Harvester Bot to breed with a Science or Science Hybrid.


  • Please note that Nuclear Bot is a rare Bot, using combos that CAN result in getting it does not guarantee you a Nuclear Bot.
  • The Nuclear Bot cannot breed with any other Bot, including an Astro, Steam, Thermal, Hydro and another Nuclear Bot.