The Pit Flower must be removed as a obstacle before it is added to the market as a decoration.

While they look quite harmless, these plants are acually carnivorus. It's probably best to clear them from a safe distance.

  • Level 4
  • Clear: 50 Robux
  • Experience: 25
  • Removal Time: 30 Seconds

After Clearing and studying the Pit Flower, a Bot-anist was able to tame the carnivorous plant so you can now plant them safely all around your outpost.

  • Buy: 50 Robux
  • Sell: 25 Robux
  • Experience: 25


  • The Pit Flower is the first obstacle that you can clear
  • The Pit Flower takes the shortest time to clear, and earns the least experience, due to the fact that it is the cheapest obstacle to clear.