Robux are the main currency in Gizmonauts . They can be used to purchase basic Bots, zones, decorations, grow snax, and entrance fee for the Battle Arena. Robux can be obtained by collecting from zones, winning in the Battle Arena or purchasing from the Treasure button in your Robo-Market for real currency ($).

Pile of Robux 1,183,320 $0.99
Box of Robux 2,366,640 $1.99
Stuffed box of Robux 6,389,928 $4.99
Chest of Robux 13,016,520 $9.99
Stuffed Chest of Robux 33,132,960 $24.99
Overflowing Chest of Robux 73,365,840 $49.99

You can trade 50 Crystals for Robux, this amount increases with each level.

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