Science Bot
Description Baby Juvenile Adult Elder
With the collective brainpower of the greatest scientists ever known, the first Science Bot prototype was brilliant. So brilliant in fact that it figured out a way to make all machines sentient, and attempted to take over the world. This issue was fixed in subsequent models, but the bots should still basically be pretty smart.
Available 16 Breeding 8 hours
Cost 500,000 Robux Incubation 8 hours
Sell 250,000 Robux Type Basic
XP 250,000 Experience Limited Permanent
Default Economy
Battle Fun
Limited Limited

ScienceBotAntenna   Antenna Standard
10 Crystals ScienceBotLightbulb   Lightbulb +10% Robux
25 Crystals ScienceBotTeslaCoil   Tesla Coil Speed++
50 Crystals ScienceBotPinwheel   Pinwheel
25 Crystals ScienceBotSandaklozHat   Sandakloz Hat +10% Robux

Limited: Christmas (unavailable)

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