Science BotEdit

ScienceBotAntenna   Antenna Standard
10 Crystals ScienceBotLightbulb   Lightbulb +10% Robux
25 Crystals ScienceBotTeslaCoil   Tesla Coil Speed++
50 Crystals ScienceBotPinwheel   Pinwheel
25 Crystals ScienceBotSandaklozHat   Sandakloz Hat +10% Robux

Limited: Christmas (unavailable)


BotAnistPlant   Plant Standard
10 Crystals BotAnistBeaker   Beaker +10% Robux
50 Crystals BotAnistCarnivorousPlant   Carnivorous Plant Speed++
50 Crystals BotAnistMister   Mister
25 Crystals BotAnistSkull   Skull Limited: Halloween (unavailable)

Cupid BotEdit

CupidBotCupidsArrow   Cupid's Arrow Standard
10 Crystals CupidBotCrossYourHeartbow   Cross Your Heartbow
25 Crystals CupidBotGoldenArrow   Golden Arrow +10% Robux
50 Crystals CupidBotExplodingArrow   Exploding Arrow Melee++

Geo BotEdit

GeoBotPickAxe   Pick Axe Standard
10 Crystals GeoBotGeodePick   Geode Pick +10% Robux
25 Crystals GeoBotBattleAxe   Battle Axe Melee++
50 Crystals GeoBotLantern   Lantern

Grav BotEdit

GravBotAntenna   Antenna Standard
10 Crystals GravBotSatelliteDish   Satellite Dish +10% Robux
25 Crystals GravBotGravityGun   Gravity Gun Pierce++, Charge Damage++
50 Crystals GravBotBunnyEars   Bunny Ears

Laser BotEdit

LaserBotLaser   Laser Standard
10 Crystals LaserBotLaserDrill   Laser Drill +10% Robux
25 Crystals LaserBotLaserCannon   Laser Cannon Pierce++
50 Crystals LaserBotRainbowLaser   Rainbow Laser

Magnet BotEdit

MagnetBotElectronMagnet   Electron Magnet Standard
10 Crystals MagnetBotTheClaw   The Claw +10% Robux
25 Crystals MagnetBotWeight   Weight Speed++
50 Crystals MagnetBotHorseshoeMagnet   Horseshoe Magnet
75 Crystals MagnetBotMistletoe   Mistletoe Limited: Christmas (unavailable)

Microscope BotEdit

MicroscopeBotAstrovirus   Astrovirus Standard
10 Crystals MicroscopeBotEndospores   Endospores +10% Robux
25 Crystals MicroscopeBotChloroflexi   Chloroflexi Ranged++
50 Crystals MicroscopeBotPreservedInsect   Preserved Insect

Solar BotEdit

SolarBotSolarPanel   Solar Panel Standard
10 Crystals SolarBotSolarCollector   Solar Collector +10% Robux
25 Crystals SolarBotSolarReflector   Solar Reflector Speed+++, Charge Speed+++
50 Crystals SolarBotSunHat   Sun Hat
50 Crystals SolarBotGoldenCauldron   Golden Cauldron Limited: St. Patrick's Day (unavailable)

X-Ray BotEdit

XRayBotChest   Chest Standard
10 Crystals XRayBotHeart   Heart +10 Robux
25 Crystals XRayBotRadiation   Radiation Armor++
50 Crystals XRayBotGears   Gears

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