Special parts can be delivered to the Snax Shack. By feeding the parts to your bots it will help them upgrade to better versions!

  • Buy: 500 Robux
  • Sell: 250 Robux
  • Experience: 250
  • Size: 6x6
  • Upgrades to Snax Joint at level 8.

We know Snax reward experience, we do not know for certain the amount.
Snax Experience Snax Price Amount of Snax Grow Time Price/Snax Snax/hour


Micro Chips

- Experience 50 Robux 5 Snax 30 Seconds 10 Robux 600 Snax


Spring Salad

- Experience 250 Robux 20 Snax 5 Minutes 12.5 Robux 240 Snax


Bolt Burger

- Experience 1,000 Robux 75 Snax 30 Minutes 13.4 Robux 150 Snax

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