Gizmonauts is a iOS game that uses in-app purchases to generate revenue. The game itself is available to download for free, but the player can pay real money to purchase items to be used in-game.

Purchasing Treasure From In-App Purchases

In Gizmonauts, the items available for purchase in the Treasure section of the Robo-market are:

The purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 . Players can also exchange 50 Crystals for increasing amounts of Robux (amounts increase as the game levels up). Simply put, there is nothing available via in-app purchases that isn't available during normal game play. The purchase of treasure simply accelerates game progress for the player.

Acquiring Treasure During Gameplay

Robux is earned in-game from Bots. The player can collect their Robux by tapping on a zone, and then tapping the "Collect" icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When a zone has filled one third of its earnings cap, a small icon depicting a treasure chest will appear above it. At that point, the player can simply tap on the zone to collect the Robux.

The most valuable of the three treasures are Crystals. Backflip Studios has made it possible for players to earn Crystals in-game. In addition, the player can gift 3 Crystals a day to your GameCenter and Facebook friends.

Snax can be grown in your park with the Snax Shack, Snax Joint and Snax Shop.