Once in the Baby Bot Station, Bots must either be placed into a zone or be sold. Different types of zones exist for each Bot. A Bot must be placed into a zone that corresponds with its own model type. Bots with more than one model type can be placed in any zone for its model.

Every zone can hold a specific number of bots, and can accumulate a certain amount of Robux. A zone that has reached max Robux capacity cannot accumulate any more Robux until the player has emptied it. Upgrades are available for basic Zones that allow them to hold more Robux and Bots.

So far, the number of zones you can have is equal to your level. This caps at the current maximum level of 50.

Currently there are 8 types of Zones. Click on the picture below to visit that zones page.

BuilderZone LargeBuilderZone MiningZone LargeMiningZone

PerformanceZone LargePerformanceZone NatureZone LargeNatureZone

RepairZone LargeRepairZone ScienceZone LargeScienceZone

AstroZone SteamZone ThermalZone HydroZone NuclearZone